Why is this patent so important to us? And why are we are we raising capital with a community campaign?

Ten months ago we filed for a provisional patent and need to file the complete patent within the next 2 months to be continuously covered. This is VERY expensive and as an infant business, we don’t have the money to do this ourselves. We aren’t able to secure bank loans as we haven’t been in business long enough or don’t have enough collateral. We understand all this but in order to protect ourselves, we need to spend a bunch of money on a patent now.

Many of you know that Jennifer and I are really sensitive to this issue as we lost our last business because it wasn’t patentable. Something we worked hard at for over a decade, come crumbling down in a few short months!  A giant company, put out what was, essentially, a copy of our product. Through disingenuous marketing this became one of their most successful campaigns ever. It was a pretty crushing blow and we got out of that business soon thereafter.

That product was not patentable, but Noteworthy Chocolates intellectual property is! It's currently being protected by a provisional patent, but we need to get it the rest of the way to fully legal and enforceable. Hence, we are doing this campaign to raise at least $7,500. This is the minimum of what we need to provide the rewards and cover the upfront costs of the patent. We are, obviously, (like every other small business owner ever),  hoping to raise more than the minimum necessary,  which could cover the whole patent costs and other operating costs.  

This is a non-traditional way of raising funds and brand awareness but, what the hell, we’ve innovated the whole chocolate laser messaging thing, so why not innovate raising some much needed capital and exposure?  

We also believe in the value, $150 of great custom chocolate engraved messages for $100 bucks is a really sweet deal and we hope you think so too. In fact, we are hoping that you think this is such a good value that you will take us up on it and/ or will want to share the good news with your people. Thanks!